Best Mountain Bike Seats 2017


Seats are a main part of the bike, picking the Best Mountain Bike Seats for your bike can be one of the most significant choices you make. A bike seat is one of the vital 3 contact points between you and the bike. The wrong seat choice can equal damaged trips out on your preferred single-track.

There are differences between Mountain Bike Seats and road cycling Seats. Mountain Bike Seats are usually made from more durable materials, stronger, and road bicycle seat tend to be less heavy, for example; but essentially, the things you need to consider to find one you want are the same.

This content gives you the fundamentals on how to buy best Mountain Bike Seats.

Main Features You Should Consideration

Durability: Different Mountain Bike Seats have features when it comes to strength. Usually, less heavy centered Seats are all set to avoid wasting on weight. As you go towards the heavier units, you will find features like kevlar corners and different components to help with scrapes during damages and common use. If you are really difficult on Seats, I would suggest looking into a seat with these sorts of features.

Mountain Bike Seats Weight

If weight is a problem, you are probably looking at a seat with a lower profile and ti rails. Keep in thoughts, you are going to pay a quality for the ti rails over metal, but a seat is one of the ingredients that shave a lot of grams at once. If weight is not your fear, a seat with metal tracks should exercise completely.

Mountain Bike Seats design – There are different Seats depending upon intended use. Downhill and Freeride oriented Seats normally have larger noses and cross-country Seats are smaller in profile. Cross country designed bicycle Seats are smaller in profile because much of the rider’s bodyweight is sustained by the hands and legs while in the attack position at speed and the geometry of the bicycle sways more towards positioning the driver with excess fat one-sided towards the front of the bicycle.

Mountain Bike Seats Color

Looking to suit your seat to the remainder of your bike? Many producers provide different color combinations on the same design to fit your needs.

How Much Will Cost to Buy Seat?

Mountain Bike Seats come in a very wide cost variety. You will see everything from $30 all the way up to several hundred. Get a cost variety that you are relaxed with and weight you will you are seem for against that price.