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Seafood restaurant Lobstah on a Roll in Boston

Seafood restaurant Lobstah on a Roll in Boston

The lobster roll is a staple of the sandwich shop. But the lobster roll at Lobstah on a Roll in Boston isn’t your ordinary, old-school roll. Instead, it’s served up in a unique way that will have you asking for more. And, of course, the multi-foot lobster rolls are the star of the show.


Cusser’s Seafood Restaurant is a seafood eatery with a fine dining background. Carolyn Johnson, the chef, is also known for her food at 80 Thoreau in Concord. She was a kitchen staff member at legendary Boston restaurants like Rialto and Mooncusser Fish House. Here she serves up classic North Shore dishes with an upscale spin.

The Lobstah on a Roll specializes in lobster rolls. The menu offers two kinds of lobster roll, a cold version and a hot version. They are available for takeout or dine-in. In addition to lobster rolls, they offer a variety of oversized sandwiches.

At High Street Place, an oyster bar inspired by the Atlantic coastline, lobster rolls are served with lobster-enhanced brown butter. The rolls are served on thick buttery brioche buns.

Luke’s Lobsters

Luke’s Lobster is a seafood restaurant that is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Luke’s Lobster is a family-owned company that specializes in seafood. They offer an array of dishes, including lobster rolls and other seafood. Besides seafood, they also serve American cuisine. Their restaurant is a favorite for quick and easy seafood after work.

Luke’s Lobster is known for its excellent lobster rolls. This seafood chain serves fresh lobster rolls daily. These lobster rolls are a traditional Maine style seafood roll. The meat comes from a local fisheries. It is cut to perfection when it arrives at Luke’s Lobster shacks.

Luke’s Lobster offers three different packs of lobster rolls. One is called the Secret Lobster Roll Kit. The package includes two lobster rolls, Cape Cod kettle chips, pickles, and a toasted bun. There is also a “Noah’s Ark” pack that includes a crab roll and two sodas.

James Hook & Co

If you’re looking for a lobster roll in Boston, you’ve come to the right place. The James Hook & Co seafood restaurant has been around since 1925, and it’s still a family-run business. It’s a popular local eatery for both hot and cold rolls. You can also get crab cakes, lobster salads, and other traditional New England fare here.

James Hook & Co has several locations throughout the city, and it’s famous for its lobster rolls. Their seafood is fresh, and you can get live lobsters here. They even offer seafood shipping services.

There are two James Hook & Co locations: one in the Financial District and another near the waterfront. Both are open five days a week, and they’re open until 9pm at night.

B&G Oysters

B&G Oysters is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Boston, a seafood restaurant known for its unbeatable selection of oysters from both coasts. It also offers a lobster roll, New England classics and seasonal dishes.

Whether you’re a seafood connoisseur or a novice, this restaurant has something for you. With an extensive wine list and seasonal seafood dishes, it’s hard to find a bad meal here.

Located in the heart of Boston’s South End, B&G Oysters offers a modern take on a classic oyster bar. Chef Barbara Lynch is responsible for the restaurant, and she has a knack for executing classic dishes with a little something extra.

This South End restaurant features a cozy neighborhood feel. The kitchen is open and the service is friendly. Plus, there’s an outdoor patio for those who want to enjoy a meal in the sun.

Yuzu Lobster on a Roll

The Yuzu Lobster on a Roll at Kingbird at the Watergate Hotel is a classic seafood sandwich that is sure to please. This menu item has a citrus tang to it that goes perfectly with the sweet lobster meat.

A third generation lobsterman, Luke Holden, sustainably sources lobsters from the waters of Maine. He uses his skills as a chef to prepare lobster rolls that are both delicious and nutritious.

The Yuzu Lobster on a Roll is served with cilantro, mango, cucumber, avocado and bubu arare. It is also topped with a yuzu mayo and a sprig of chives.

Another option is the Bricco Panetteria Lobster Roll. This delicious dish is served on a freshly baked brioche roll and comes with rosemary fries. You can also try the Bostonia Public House Lobster Roll, which is stuffed with lobster salad and bacon crumbs.

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